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Wednesday, 1 March 2017


E51KTA should be QRV Narrow Mode MP73N SSTV on 30m 10.132MHz or 10.144MHz (ish so please LISTEN) AFTER the BERU contest for those interested in the mode.

If no takers to a CQ then will not run for long and will use 30m 4SQ for RTTY and CW.

30m GPs working fine before pack up

I think the 30m 4SQ verticals (as one GP not as the 4SQ) are working.

I'll rework them into the 4SQ configuration later, complete with liquid rubber all over the connections from the 75 ohm feeds so they survive a week by the beach hopefully, maybe up on Friday and then pack, next time out will be in E5/S.

Monday, 27 February 2017

E51KTA only 11 days away now...

Yippee no new jabs needed, car booked & 34KG of kit (31KG of antennas, 1KG KX3, 2KG clothes!) to airport :-

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

An Ode to BERU

Given I'm about to be one of those sending some weak RF from an island in the pacific I saw this and thought nicely put...

Thoughts Occasioned by the Sunday Morning Long-Path Opening to Australia and New Zealand, 9th March 2008
by Gerry Lynch GI0RTN

I will go to forty metres
On this sunny BERU morn
Where the strong Antipodeans
Make me glad that I was born.

Signal bearing polar flutter
From the town of Christchurch fair,
Lands upon this Irish meadow
Answering my silent prayer.

Signals coming on the long path
From a far Australian shore,
Crossing ice and sea and jungle,
Coming to increase my score.

Sigs from Asia's teeming cities;
Sigs from Afric's dusty plains;
Sigs from small Pacific islands;
To this land of gentle rains.

Some ops work me with a yagi,
Some ops work me with a wire,
Some ops work me with a groundplane,
Late on eighty, when I tire.

Fickle paths on ten and fifteen
Barely open ere they're gone.
Booming DX strong on 20.
Strong at sunset, strong at dawn.

I will go to forty metres
On this sunny BERU morn,
Sinful would it be to let those
CQ Contests rest forlorn.

(With acknowledgement to Seamus Heaney or is it WB Yeats?). I think a few of the black stuff needed before hand.

BTW this place is brilliant.

You know they say a qrp rig, using a rainbow as an end fed antenna and sitting in the pot of gold at one end with one eye shut whilst balanced on one leg with a 4 leaf clover in one hand and the mic in another you can work DX better... I dunno myself how true that is I think you have to talk to the king of the leprechauns about it. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

JUMA amp inside (not QRP)

Was interested to see how this was being done...... definitely not QRP although I note if you put more than qrp levels in you will kill the amp!

External photos.


Internal photos.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Cut numbers

Just been sent (as I get contest exchanges wrong sometimes) a note on cut numbers

1 ·-   A
2 ··-  U
3 ·--  W
4 ···- V
5 ···  S
6 -··· B
7 --·  G
8 -··  D
9 -·   N
0 -    T

So now I know but sure I will be even more confused as some send the serial mixed :-)

yes 5nn and TT1etc I have heard but also heard T sent when should have been 1 or A sent as well.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

What is all this about another 4SQ?

Yes going to try another 4SQ this time in E5. Unlike EU-011 will have good signal cable this time.

The idea is (nuts yes) use the same supports for BOTH 30m and 40m, will move the supports after BERU so the 4SQ is up on 30m.

As will use a QRO shack for BERU designing with that in mind although expect will be qrp after.

Anyway the 30m details are: (from a spreadsheet from ZL2iFB page here …)

All this is NOT my work but that of ON4UN, TK5EP, G4IFB (now ZL2IFB)