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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

interesting night

30m and 40m finally came alive after sun set.... winds picked up so at 1am local had to pull antenna down... gusting 100kmh+ backup this morning though.... just grabbing rest and food.

Nothing in log so far

Nothing in log at all after 3 hours... cycling through 15/17 and 20m will try 30m and 40m near local sunset. Knew conditions had been bad but this is really painful. Knew trying to contact EU/UK would be hard but... not this bad.

Sorted a small PA but caused interference so updated KX3 software and pushing 15W instead. Not hearing anyone on the bands, and yes have tried moving and using other antennas.

WX gone from crap to nice and sunny to gone over cast again. Had 180kmh winds other day (that is > 100mph!).

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

OC-203 Stewart Island what freq?

Lots have asked so for all.... see what rbn says then listen on freq listed. I expect will be working split listening up. Suspect the bands will be pretty rubbish during the day, maybe 17m & 15m in afternoon (local) an hour before sunset 40m should be busy, 30m a couple of hours before too. I expect to hear JAs from around 0700z on 30m.  No 80m don't ask!

UK if I get anyone I will call for more, decent stations please help the little guys and be quiet or relay.

All cw will be slower than most expect from DX, if looks like I am slow to confirm that is because I am listening.

Local WX is very wet and high winds so not the best.

No LOTW certificate applied for, use club log for oqrs but upload might not be until a few days after.

Monday, 16 January 2017


8am flight to Steward Island OC-203 18th January (local) 19:00 17th in UK. QRV abt 23:00 UTC for 20 hrs. Sea is boiling white froth!

Should have been 24 hrs earlier but Murphy took part!

Very close now as overnight in Invercargill.

Will have tnx to ZL4TT a small PA (abt 50W)
Buddipole and wires
Staying near Horseshoe bay.
Expect CW over SSB, if I start making qso will NOT change mode or band please don't ask!

Thursday, 29 December 2016

QSL cards to buro and 6W call sign

About 1000 buro cards just went out.... spread across club log, c5, 6w, sm and various IOTA trips. If the card is for an IOTA and the ref and island are hand written, that means the qso will be going up on club log for qso matching. Not specially printing qsl cards with IOTA ref etc for EU locations now as electronic confirmation can be obtained through IOTA/club log matching.

Please note 6W/M1KTA is NOT the correct call sign format. For LoTW confirmation of 6W etc then M1KTA/6W is the correct call please don't keep asking for LoTW uploads as ARRL will not issue a certificate for the wrong call sign.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


I'll be on the bands over next month or so as ZL/M1KTA.
Possible I might activate IOTA but please listen

Friday, 23 December 2016

Noise cancelling headphones

I was asked about these recently and there is also a thread over on CDXC about these and general noise reduction.

There are TWO types of headphones that do noise cancellation... active and passive. I have and use BOTH.

Is a cheap version of an active headset. The way these work is they sample the external audio and then play it back INSIDE the ear phones out of phase so the background sound is 'removed'. These are at the budget end but are surprisingly good for £30 and remove about 70-80% of the background noise.
Used with ear plugs if you want to sleep they block out 99% of all noise so an infant crying in an airline cabin (why on earth do people fly with a baby on holiday?) can cry until you land you don't hear a thing.

The passive headphones I use are in ear Genius noise cancelling headphones. They work by not letting the back ground noise into the ear canal.

There are much more expensive sets about but I didn't want to spend >£200+ on them.